Recipe: cocktail sausage and paprika omelette


Della says

It’s coming up to that time of year when our thoughts turn to comfort food and Christmas – not necessarily in that order.   Well, if you fancy eating some comfort food, but you don’t want to put on any weight before Christmas – you might like to try this omelette. It’s easy to make, very tasty, and has the advantage of being very low fat too.

Serve it on its own for lunch, or with a salad for dinner.

This recipe serves two – or possibly one very hungry eat loadser.   If you can’t manage it all, just refrigerate the leftovers. It’s nice cold the following day.

Cocktail Sausage and Paprika Omelette (very low fat)


Half a packet of cooked Quorn cocktail sausages.  (180g packet)

3 eggs

1 red pepper

1 green pepper

1 small onion

2 green chillis (optional)

Small handful of grated reduced fat mature cheddar


Black pepper and salt to season

Fat free spray to cook



Chop peppers, onion and chillis and cooked cocktail sausages.  Beat three eggs in separate bowl and season. Spray non stick frying pan with two to three sprays of fat free spray (I use Fry light).  Add peppers, onions and chillis. Fry for few minutes till soft, add chopped sausages. Add paprika and chillis if using. Add eggs, cook till lightly set. Sprinkle on cheese and finish under grill. Grill until brown and starting to rise slightly.

NB: Instead of sausages – smoked salmon and prawns work well. So does a can of tuna in brine (drained).  So does chopped bacon or ham (fat removed).

Other optional ingredients: a small can of sweetcorn (no added sugar). Freshly chopped tomatoes. Fresh chives. A handful of black olives (in brine not oil).

Leftover potato also works well (boiled potatoes – not roast!). If using potato, try adding garlic and lots of black pepper.