The Joy of Facebook


So hey. How you been?

Sorry I haven’t been about, things have been – well you know – busy.

Busy, busy.

Truth is, much as I love updating this blog – and I promise to try harder in the future – it isn’t always possible. Not if I want to do it properly. Which of course I do.

What is possible however – and turning out to be an almost daily event – is posting the odd quip to the facebook page. Facebook is just perfect for sharing stuff that I usually wouldn’t consider worthy of a blog post. More than that though, what often starts as a passing remark sometimes erupts into a full blown discussion, which for me at least, is great fun, and makes me feel marginally less isolated, sitting as I do, at this desk, day after day, with only my cat for company {sniff, sniff} (Are you feeling sorry for me yet?)

So here’s an idea – if you’re on facebook why not pop along to this book’s facebook page,, and click the LIKE button (up there at the top).

Your ‘friends’ will be able to see that you’re a fan of the book, and you’ll see any comments from other readers in your feed, as well as a daily post from myself. Nothing too intrusive I promise.

And if you suddenly feel the urge, feel free to post a comment or two yourself, or share a photo of you reading your book. That would be fun.