Keeper for a Day

Back in June, and thanks in part to the generosity of my family, I finally got the opportunity to tick an item off my Now List which had been there since the very start – I was keeper for a day at Colchester Zoo.keeper for a day Jun 2011 (23)

I spent the day feeding small-mammals (lemurs, meerkats  , etc), training leopards, sweeping up lion-urine soaked hay (the lions themselves were outside at the time – obviously), and petting sleeping aardvarks.

Here’s what I learnt

  • Meerkats like shoelaces. They’re also prepared to let you take a turn at lookout duty
  • Lemurs are the most awesome creatures on the planet. Forget what Douglas Adams said about mice or dolphins. Lemurs know exactly what’s going on, have figured it all out, and have manipulated us into being their personal butlers.
  • Wild Boars shop at Sainsburys.
  • Zebras are scary.
  • Rhinos are the loveliest, most gentle creatures you’re ever likely to meet. They’re also surprisingly warm and soft.
  • Giraffes are as cool as they appear.
  • Aardvarks really know how to sleep
  • I want to do this AGAIN!

And that’s something I’ve discovered about Now Lists. Sometimes, even when you can tick an item off, you don’t – you leave it on there to do again.

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