Golden Rules of Dating

Protect yourself from future heartache and heartbreak. These are the Nine Golden Rules of Dating:

Dating Golden Rule #1:
Never reveal information (to websites)
that could assist scammers, spammers, or fraudsters
(unless doing so would prevent the website
from working properly).

Dating Golden Rule #2:
Ignore profiles without photos.
That way lies madness.

Dating Golden Rule #3:
Nobody gets your (primary) email address,
Facebook details, phone number, surname,
or anything else
until you’ve met them in real life.

Dating Golden Rule #4:
When using a compatibility dating site
skip anyone who hasn’t answered enough questions

Dating Golden Rule #5:
Never, ever, ever
send a wink, wave, kiss
or any other virtual gesture

Dating Golden Rule #6:
By message number 3 or 4
you should be
arranging to meet.

Dating Golden Rule #7:
‘Dating Exclusivity’ is only for
people you’ve dated at least once,
in real life
(and even then, only if you feel the need)

Dating Golden Rule #8:
Never ever sleep with someone
on the first date
(even if you’ve reframed it as the second date)

Dating Golden Rule #9:
If you meet someone so stupid
that they can’t see how lovely you are
they’re not worth your attention.
Move on.

The 4 Inescapable Laws of Dating

As inescapable as the laws of physics, these are the Four Laws of Dating

Dating Law #1:
Dating is Tough. Get over it.

 Dating Law #2:
In Order To Meet
‘The One’,
You Must First Meet
‘The Many’

Dating Law #3:
A person’s least flattering photo
is nearly always the most recent,
and what they look like in real life

Dating Law #4
The more attractive a person seems,
the less likely they are to be the person
you should contact next.