“Peter Jones, Author” – because every author needs a blog

Peter Jones Author pic2

I’ve had a personal website for, well, years. Not an awful lot ever happened on it. Occasionally (and by occasionally I mean ‘every couple of years’) I’d get around to adding a short piece of fiction, an essay, or a poem, or something. But other than
that it remained pretty static.

Then last year I turned it into a blog. Some of you may be wondering what the difference is. In my case absolutely nothing. The blog was just as inactive as the original site, just prettier. But again this wasn’t really a problem because (aside from spammers: “Thanks for a fantastic post – would you like an organ enhancement?” “Hey! That’s really interesting? Do you need to know how to lose weight?”) to the best of my knowledge only three people in the known Universe have ever visited it. And I’m including Google and the CIA amongst those three. And even Google gave up waiting for something new.

But all that’s about to change! I’m an author now and as such I have responsibilities! Name me one (successful) author that doesn’t have a blog?! (You can do so in the comments box below – hey, see what I did there? Clever eh?)

So, over the weekend justicing.com was swept away and morphed into Peter Jones Author.com. Most of the original ‘justicing’ content is of course still there (the stuff that didn’t make me want to gnaw my own arm off), but you’ll also find posts that I’ve done for other sites such as Behold the Balloon Jesus – which I did for my friend Jules and her balloon modelling company, and Less of Your Lip which I did for a makeup site. There are also a couple of posts which might interest you if you’re a fellow writer. And there’ll be more in the coming months – I promise promise promise promise!

So if you’ve got a spare five minutes, pop over and say Hi – it would be great to see you.