A chat with Matthew Bannister, from the BBC World Service show ‘Outlook’

b01m6crnYesterday I met with Broadcasting Legend Matthew Bannister, now the presenter of the BBC World Service show ‘Outlook’ (amongst others). We talked about how I came to write How To Do Everything and Be Happy, as well as how Kate and I met, and why my first attempts to create ‘happiness’ were a total disaster.

After the show there were some really fabulous comments on facebook. Click here to read those or add your own.

To listen to the interview click the play button in the box below, or (if you’re reading this in an email) click here to play clip on YouTube.

Want to hear more about the book, and less about me? Click here to listen to an interview I gave to Dave Monk of BBC Essex back in May 2011

HTDEABH makes ‘The One Show’


So there I was, sitting at home, having me tea, when the phone goes and me ol’ pal Matt (who never, ever calls me) says, “Mate! Your book’s just been on the telly!!”

And he was right too. As part of a short feature on ‘Self Help’ books, on the BBC’s One Show, the new version of How To Do Everything and Be Happy briefly makes it into the shot along side books by Paul McKenna and Deepak Chopra.

If you’re interested you can view it here – on the iPlayer website – but only for a day or two, then it’ll be gone forever!