Now Available in Shops (honest)! And the return of the FREE BADGE promotion!

bookshop1How To Do Everything and Be Happy is finally available in UK ‘bricks and mortar’ bookstores up and down the country! I believe a ‘Woo Hoo’ is in order so excuse me whilst I dance the around the room, punching the air. Now, obviously the book’s been available for a while in one form or another, so what was needed for this blog post was a picture of me, standing in an actual bookshop, with the actual book. But unfortunately, due to the fact that I’m currently writing this on Tuesday that’s not possible. I did call my local independent bookshop to see if they’d be willing to help me out but all I got was the answering machine and three hours later nobody’s phoned me back. Make of that what you will. But that’s ok. As you might expect from a bloke who’s written a book about achieving happiness, I’m not one to shy away from a conundrum – no matter how insolvable it may seem. I toyed around with the idea of creating a Time Machine, jumping forwards in time to when my book will be in shops, taking a pic, then coming back to today – until I realised it might be easier to simply create my own bookshop, here, in my lounge! Come on – admit it; if I hadn’t told you that, you’d have been none the wiser. (That’s my “ooo how interesting” face by the way. What do you mean you don’t like it?) thebadge smileyBut back to the point. By the time you read this there should be copies of my book all over the place (not just in my lounge). And to prove it I intend to start posting pictures of myself in real bookstores over the coming months (I may or may not be pulling a stupid face). If you’re reading this in 2021, or some other distant point in the future, there should already be a few at the bottom of this page. How spooky is that? If that’s not a teeny bit like Time Travel then I don’t now what is. Anyway, pictures of me might get a little dull, so how about we mix it up a bit and include some of YOU!? I hereby re-instate the very popular FREE BADGE promotion. Send me a picture of yourself holding the paperback, in a bookshop (or anywhere) and I’ll send you a badge – but be warned, there are only 100, and as I’ll be giving them out at the book signing in Feb they’ll be gone before you know it! You can send me your pictures via facebook messaging – or tweet them at me. In the meantime I’m going to have another look at that Time Machine.

How TO Do Everything And Be Happy will be available in US Bookstores from June 2013. Pre-order the paperback now from amazon, or download the ebook or audio and start reading right away. If you’re reading this in an email, click here for the facebook gallery.

Free Badge! : Updated

You too can have one!

UPDATE Feb 2012 – I’m afraid I’m all out of badges folks, so if you’re one of the lucky 100 or so people who have one it’s officially a collectors item! Keep it safe! Wear with pride! You can still send me your pics (via facebook) but I haven’t anything I can send you. Other than HTDEABH pens. Fancy a pen?

So, in a moment of madness I decided to have a dozen or so How to Do Everything and Be Happy badges made up – here’s me sporting one.
See how it enhances my whole ensemble?
See how it makes me me appear more confident, more friendly, more attractive to the opposite sex?
Who wouldn’t want to own one of these superb personality-enhancing accessories?

Answer: no-one!

So, you’re asking yourself, can you get your grubby mitts on one?
Answer: Yes. Oh yes.

To own one of these limited addition badges simply post a picture of yourself holding your copy of How to Do Everything and Be Happy on our rather spiffing facebook page and I will send you a badge, for FREE!!

Doesn’t matter where in the world you are – after posting your pic just send me a message with your address (which I promise will stay between you and me) and a shiny new badge will be winging it’s way to you. I may even start a rogue’s gallery, (update: infact I did and you can see it below) with special mention for the funniest picture, and/or the reader furthest away from me (I’m near London). I may even create a map! Goodness where will it all end?

A couple of readers have asked whether they’re eligible for a free badge as they read the book on a Kindle or iPad (see Sally’s comment below) – so after a few seconds careful consideration I’ve decided YES! ABSOLUTELY! Post a pic of yourself reading the book in whatever format you have it, send me your address, and a shiny new badge will find it’s way to you in the next few days.