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“Having been in the dating industry for many years I always get excited to read any material that will help the many singletons find love, this book gave an excellent true picture of internet dating. More importantly it gave an insight from the male perspective, which as a woman was very encouraging, his observations would be useful for men that struggle with self confidence too.
There was real laugh out moments too, Peter has a natural flair for writing with wit and integrity.
If you have recently become single through divorce, separation or partner loss and unsure of how to find a new partner this book will softly guide you through the process. He has also touched on alternative methods of dating, it will be up to you to decide which path you choose, whatever avenue you choose you will find success if you follow his hints & Tips.
So Stop Waiting & Start Dating … Good Luck

Teresa –

“Following the author’s previous publication `From Invisible to Irresistible’ this, his new publication, is an excellent follow up. If you are looking for your soul mate and have previously been unsuccessful this `How To’ book has comprehensive advice including using On-line Dating sites. Peter explains how to use online sites safely and successfully and not be easily scammed. There are basic and important sections including `Four Laws of Dating,’ `Nine Golden Rules of Dating,’ `Forget First Dates,’ to `Should You Have Sex on a First Date,’ besides numerous other points and instructions on becoming successful and avoiding disappointment. Peter warns the reader that there are numerous pitfalls for the inexperienced `hunter’ and advises you how to avoid them.
Again Peter’s book is really well laid out, with clear instructions. With a comprehensive Index it’s easy to read and easy to understand, easy to dip into and easy to check certain circumstances. And there are a number of sections grouped as Action Points so you can check you’re on the right road to finally find success.”
Book Lover –

“This is a brilliantly well written, witty and amusing book which will guide you through the quagmire of online dating. It takes you through how to find a good dating site, how to set up your profile, how to avoid the nutters and how to handle the first two or three dates. Going on dates after reading this book would feel like the author’s holding your hand throughout, or if threesomes aren’t your thing perhaps imagine he’s sitting at a nearby table smiling and nodding encouragingly at you.

The book is mostly concerned with online dating but there are good tips for speed dating, finding ‘potentials’ through social media etc. Definitely recommended if you are actively looking for a partner, or if you want to be actively looking but have been too scared or daunted by the prospect.”
A Reader –

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