How To Stop Waiting and Start Dating

Like most things in life, dating isn’t quite as straightforward as it would first appear.

The definitive guide to twenty-first century dating – whatever your age – from the best selling author of How To Do Everything And Be Happy.

This completely updated, second edition of Peter’s popular dating book includes

* Tinder; Yay or Nay? – how to make Tinder less frustrating

* D*ck Pic – how to avoid getting *those* type of messages

* Flash Bang Wallop What a Picture – how to take the perfect selfie and why it might be a good idea to include a horse in your photo

* First Contact – what to say in your opening message, and what to do when they reply!

* Forget ‘First Dates’! – the smarter, easier, stress-free way to meet someone for the first time!

* Sex On The First Date? – that question, answered.

* What Type of Pizza Are You? – how to score at Speed Dating events


* The Four Laws of Dating – as non-negotiable as gravity!

* The Ten Golden Rules of Dating – break them at your peril!

And much, much, MUCH more…

If you’ve ever found dating a challenge, if you’ve found dating apps or websites to be less than fulfilling, if the thought of a ‘first date’ terrifies you, this book will guide you through the potential pit falls, help you avoid the liars and Lotharios, and show you how meet and date people you actually like.