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Here are just a handful of the many, many five star reviews the book has received.

“A very interesting read!
The oil diet is a strange concept, but who knows
Until you’ve tried it!
Some good ideas and written in an interesting way!”
Bookkeeper –

“How to Eat Loads and Stay Slim will help you to become the desired slimmer person you want to be. There are many areas discussed including advice on entertaining, dining out, understanding hunger and how you think about food. With a little care and planning you won’t need to stop socialising! There are also interesting Sample Menus, a section that dispels myths about weight loss, advice on losing weight and the use of the ‘power of focus’ to regain that sylph like image you’re longing for. Besides this there are many tips including changing the way you think about food including making sure you have a fully stocked fruit bowl to help control those unexpected temptations.
If you are fed up with the endless restrictions that come with most weight loss diets that include counting calories and checking fat content then read this book and follow the tried and tested method of success without frustration!”
Book Lover –

“This book was very entertaining. I laughed out loud at some of the sections. The authors are very funny. It was also full of helpful advice. Basically, make a lot of small changes to make a big change to your weight. No hardship to read it, and not really a hardship to make the changes.”
Pam –

“A good guide to no-nonsense and sensible eating practices, with a few tips and tricks thrown in that I hadn’t heard of before.”
Mr PJ Grant –

“This guide has some good hints/recipes for your average Joe that wants their body to feel satisfied and ultimately look and feel better. Just a few small changes to make a healthier lifestyle without too much pain.”
dk –

” I found this book full of useful information that I can incorporate into my life with very little effort – brilliant.”
Jan –

“Having yo-yo dieted my whole life, I finally found a book (not a diet!) that has inspired me to get the weight off and be able to keep it off.”
AM Rutland –

“Great book that takes a common sense approach to dieting. Nothing is off bounds but you’ll learn here about sensible snacks, healthy eating and why the body craves things the way it does. I was particularly intrigued by the ‘oil diet’, which I might have to try some time, and Peter’s breakfast sounds great too! I love the way the book alternates between Peter’s fry up attitude and Dellas more healthy salad and soup approach- means there is something for everyone. Definitely worth reading- this is a book I will keep referring back to.”
BlueCat –

“There are loads of tips for ways to keep your weight down but at the same time, eat as much as you want, though of course you have to make some changes to your diet.
An engaging book full of great ideas, and a refreshing change to faddy diet books.”
A Reader –

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Our friends over at were really very complimentary

What’s great about this books is it’s completely mumbo jumbo and jargon-free, which means you can work on your figure without reaching for a dictionary. Plus, it’s built around successful techniques that have worked for Peter and Della. 

This new no-nonsense diet advice clears up some of the biggest weight loss myths

Here’s what Kath McGurl (from the popular blog ‘WoMag Writer‘) had to say about the book

“Authors Peter Jones and Della Galton have stacks of experience of writing How To books (How to Do Everything and Be HappyHow to Write and Sell Short Stories), and they also have years of experience (and success) battling weight problems. Put them together to write a How To book about controlling your weight and you’re on to a winner.

This book has a very engaging tone and reads as though you’ve phoned each of them up for advice. In fact, the Audible version even sounds like you’ve phoned them up –  as the two authors each recorded their own sections of the book.

It’s not a diet book, but if you follow some of the suggested tips you probably would lose weight, without even feeling as though you are cutting down. The tips are mostly common sense – but common sense isn’t actually all that common, is it? (Besides, I for one have far too busy a life to have space in my head for common sense. I need constant reminding of it!) The basic premise is that you will have to make changes, but you can make a lot of small changes, tweaks to your eating habits, rather than huge scale alterations. This will work better and be easier to sustain.

As you go through the book you are invited to award yourself stars for each change you try out. It’s like being back at primary school – gold stars for trying hard! But of course the real motivation lies in developing a healthy attitude to eating, and all the benefits that brings with it. The book is not prescriptive – indeed the two authors don’t always agree on everything – so you can take your pick of tips which you think will work for you.
Rhoda from the popular review site only had nice things to say. Here’s a snippet:
I’m not one for reading books on dieting, they tend to make me groan and roll my eyes. However having read Peter’s previous book I felt this one would be something a bit different – I was right. There’s no self righteousness, no lecturing, it’s written in a friendly, entertaining way. It’s like you are sitting with friends and sharing your food/weight experience.
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