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“An amusing and practical guide to getting up and getting out there to make a difference to your romantic life.

Favourite Quote from the book.
“In order to meet someone special, you have to meet someone special”.
I also bought – ‘Eat loads and stay slim.” So I can eat loads to get slim. Well Slimmish :-)”
Kim Cannings –

“A great “stop waiting for him/her to knock on the door” book. Some great personal stories and checklists to shake you up. Watch this space! A recommended read.”
Yorkshire Lass –

“Hair appointment is booked, wardrobe has been de-cluttered and my new sofa is due any day! Not bad to say I only bought this book because I like Peter’s writing style. I had no intentions of ‘getting myself out there’ but this book makes you want to stop being invisible – blimey he’s good!”
S Wilson –

“After many failed relationships, and I mean many, lol, my dear friend Kath bought me this book and said, “Paul you need to read this now!” Well after thinking yea of course I do, I gave in and have read through this book from cover to cover.

Wow what a fab little book!! Written in a very humorous but apt style. This book tells you exactly what you need to know to get the partner you have always wanted and dare I say it, tells you exactly what all my lady friends have been telling me for years! ha ha.
Well done Peter!!
PS Can I take my 10 foot sign down now that says “I’m OK!” ?
Kind regards,
Paul Stacey”
Rhian –

“Despite not being in the market for a new partner, as a fan of the author’s ‘How To Do Everything and Be Happy,’ I thought I’d give this a read.
I was happily surprised by how much of it I found relevant and interesting. Peter Jones stresses that in order to become irresistible to others, it’s important to like yourself first. He goes on to give achievable ways to do just this. And, because he draws on his own background and experiences, you feel like the author really knows what he is talking about. The book is easy to read, informal but informative and very funny in parts.
Worth reading for anyone who wants to feel a little less invisible, whether they’re looking for love or not.”
Love to Read –

“This is a short, punchy, concise guide to improving yourself with the aim of attracting a partner. Even for those not looking for a date, this is an invaluable self-help book for improving your image and how you would like to be perceived. As with Peter’s other books that I have also enjoyed, the writing is upbeat, supportive and positive. Action points after each section are like a helping hand to pause, reflect and do something positive to change. The observations seem so simple once you see them on the page but that is due to the accessible style of the writing. I would recommend this book for anyone wishing to improve themselves, whether they are looking for a date or to just better their image in the relationship that they are in. Great stuff.”
dk –

“This is a great little book, packed full of insightful messages and useful tips on how to start finding and attracting love. The chapters are short and snappy, each ending with Peter’s `Stop Action Points’ which help to keep you on track. The advice is sound and relevant for anyone who wishes to feel better about themselves. Even if you haven’t found romance by the end of the book, if you follow Peter’s advice you will feel happier and more confident and it can only be a matter of time before your little black book starts filling up.”
T Yeatman –

“If there is one thing that stands out in this well formatted and easy to read book its that you (Yes! YOU the reader! have to be prepared to CHANGE to achieve your purpose – your goal of finding a partner and enjoy a happy relationship.
The book is full of clearly understood instructions, referring to many areas of your life style where changes need to be made – there are no other hidden secrets for success. It’s easy to dip into, especially with the `STOP! ACTION POINTS.’ These allow you to check your progress but I would suggest, however, that it’s beneficial to read the book fully first before dipping in.
Essentially written for a `desperate and unattached’ who’s yearning for a partner and soul mate. But it’s very easy to see that the instructions can help improve your life-style even if you are already in a happy relationship but you can benefit by attracting valued friends.
This is Peter’s third book. His first was `How to Do Everything and Be Happy’ and then `How To Eat Loads And Stay Slim’ (jointly written with Della Galton). These `step by step’ books give sound advice on self-improvement.”
Book Lover –

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