How To Be Even More Attractive

How To Be Even More Attractive is the shorter, quirkier, but none-the-less completely gorgeous companion guide to How To Stop Waiting and Start Dating.

The quick-read, easy-peasy, fun guide, to attracting the man or woman of your dreams.

Through a series of twelve anecdotes, best-selling self-help-guru Peter Jones, highlights (and fixes) those underlying problems that make otherwise attractive, charming people invisible to those they’d like to date.

Chapters include:

Changing Your Mind

How you can think yourself more attractive, and why a little back-to-front logic might work wonders.

Changing Your Image

How to lose weight in your sleep, and why hiring a professional image consultant could be a waste of money.

Changing Your Environment

Why some of your friends are holding you back, and why it’s vitally important to have the right sofa.

If you’ve ever wanted to be luckier in love, this book will show you how you can be.