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“I keep buying this book because when I lend it to friends they keep it! It’s brilliant. Easily readable in a couple of days or even less but so good that you want to keep referring back to it (which is why I don’t get my copies back). I’ve sorted out this problem now – I buy it as a present and have my own copy under lock and key :)”
aapjebaapje –

“This book is worth every penny and then some more. ive read a lot of self help books in my time but was never compelled to pick up a pen and work through the exercises. instead i would derive comfort from the words but not do anything to fix the imbalance in my life. not only is this book full of practical advice its delivery is in such a way that you almost feel bad if you dont stop to complete the action points at the end of the chapter. thanks to peter jones i am a lot more organised, feel that i have my life back in control and beginning to live and not merely function as i was previously doing. i only wish i could thank the author in person for awakening me from a self induced slumber!”
GingerNuts –

“Loved it really motivational thank you. Lots to consider adapt and use in own way. Liked style of writing to”

“My fiancé & I loved reading Peter’s book and have scheduled time for regular Now days & D days throughout 2014. Peter’s writing style is sincere and non patronising and his playful sense of humour made the book a pleasure to read. Based on the plethora of other 5 star reviews I’m guessing we’re not the only people to be humbled by Peter’s personal story and inspired by his words.

If you want to create more happiness in your life then this is the book to buy.”
David Moore ‘Author of The New Rich’ –

“This is one of the best self help books that I know will really work. What a great read, I couldn’t put it down. I am now working through every step of what he suggests.”
Kelly Ann Jones –

“I bought this book after reading How to Eat Loads and Stay Slim by Peter and Della, it was a no-brainer for me as I really like Peter’s work. He tells me what I need to hear in just the precise way I need to hear it.

I am a self-confessed, self help junkie and as an holistic therapist it goes with the territory, but Peter has found a unique way to make self-help fun!

I started a blog on new years eve about working through my resolution list, I really wish I’d read this book back then as Peter’s tips and insight would have helped me greatly, however, there’s another new year on the horizon and I’m ready to tackle it head on – bring on the goals and the wish list, that’s what I say!

If you want a really good read, to learn lots and be happy then buy this book today.”
Kelly Shelley Wilson –

“When you first read this book you may wonder how on earth you’re going to find the time to apply some of the lessons. Once you’ve started you’ll wonder how you ever survived without them.

Written from the heart, and with some wonderfully simple yet stupidly effective strategies and techniques for staying happy, no matter what life throws at you.”
Stefan Thomas –

“Funny, practical, very readable. And one of the few books that I’ve actually done what it suggests too. High recommended it”
lindapenname –

“I’m not usually one to write reviews but I loved this book. It has actually helped change my life. Worth a read for anyone wanting to be a bit more organised and much happier in their life”
MissRed –

“An easy-to-read, entertaining book which will motivate and uplift you. It is written in a straight-talking but humorous way which really made sense to me. I couldn’t wait to start putting the suggestions to good use. A year later, I have absorbed many of the ideas into my normal routine and I am now reading the book again in order to add in some of the more challenging concepts. On a bad day I only have to bring to mind certain extracts from the book and I’m smiling again! Fantastic!!!”
Miss DE Moody –

“This is the first self help book that I have found to actually be useful for making real changes in my life. The style of writing is fantastic. Peter Jones is witty and funny and really down to earth. The book feels like an old friend having a chat with you and pointing you in the right direction. No silly American style ‘if you wish hard enough then your life will be great’. Real actual advice!”
Little V –

“Not finished the book yet, gave me a lot to think about!!!!
Lots of good advice, well worth a look if you feel in a bit of a Rut.”
Kim Cannings –

“I was impressed by both the style and content of this book, found it easy to read and swept through it in a couple of days. I was intrigued to see what I could learn from it and whether or not I was on the right track in my own ‘quest for happiness’. I wasn’t disappointed and think I really did get something from it. Despite the fact that I won’t necessarily be following the lists or diary aspect of his advice, it gave me food for thought and a few chuckles along the way. It’s not a life changer, but then it doesn’t claim to be, and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride”
ValerieUK –

“What a great book- read it from cover to cover in one (sunny) afternoon and did the tasks! Definitely recommend”
Gill M Donnell –

“This book is brilliant. ‘The absence of unhappiness in not happiness.’ Genius! And there is a lot more ‘aha!’ Moments and action points to really get you going.
It’s one of those books you force on everyone you know and keep forever”
Shannon –

“This is one of the most enjoyable books I’ve read in this genre. Peter Jones writes as if he was sitting right there in your living room and I really did feel as if I was being given advice from a real person who had tried and tested it.”
Andrea Casalinho –

“Liked this book as it was easy to read and provided good practical advice on getting on with your life as you would like it to be. Its great as it doesn’t go into navel gazing and angst as some other types of these books can! I really liked the advice on collecting your happiness moments and displaying them. Definitely recommend.”
Mrs SJ Mullen –

“Excellent book, simple ideas, backed up with simple instructions, in a non-American style.
Read it, implement the ideas, Happiness will follow, and we all deserve that.”
Doug B –,  5th January 2013

“I started reading this ebook yesterday, it’s not what I expected from a self-help book, I mean this in a very positive way! So far it contains actual emotion; humour, sadness, and regret, even a little ribbing – not like a typical self-help ‘manual’ which most of us (myself included)have bought and quickly shelved.”
Nessa594 –

“Out of all the self help books I’ve read over the past umpteen years, this book actually works.
It is also what it says – a step by step guide…do this, do that and all will be good…and I have to say, that’s what I’ve done and it is working for me :-)!”
Dan –

“The ideas in the book are very simple but yet I can see they are going to easily make a great impact in my life! Go on give it a go – it may just make u happy!”
shellz –

“I’ve recommended this book left right and centre and even posted a copy to my mum!
Truly wonderful.”
Britney of Arabia –

“I’m usually very cynical about self-help books, but this is a one-man campaign “to reclaim these sensible, practical, powerful ideas and represent them, without the fluff, without the mystique, and with a distinctly European flavour.” I loved this book.”
Elizabeth Ducie –

“As I pottered around the internet blogosphere looking for some
inspiration I inadvertently fell upon Peter Jones blog “How to do
Everything and Be Happy” and I was instantly hooked. If I was hooked on the blog then the book was a blinking big trawler with nets to hawl me in. I read the book in a day. Then I started again with a notebook and diary to hand. Since then I have re read bits of the book, my diary is organised, my days off are fun and I finally found my organisational gene again.”
Cherisong –

“This was such a great buy! The advise is so easy and sensible, really easy to follow and incorporate in your every day life.”
JT –

“This self-help book is a cut above most others I’ve read. Recommended.”
Paul Emery –

“Thought you were happy? An inspiring, pragmatic, thought provoking read which will have you evaluating your current happiness! The best self help book I’ve ever read!”
CollarandCuff –

“I love this book so much. Like a lot of people, I often felt a bit ‘meh’ about my life. I wasn’t miserable, but I certainly wasn’t overwhelmed with joy. I didn’t want to emigrate, I didn’t want to change careers… I just wanted to feel a bit happier with my lot, really.
I can honestly now say that I have never been happier. Yes, I
sometimes still feel ‘meh’, but it’s fleeting moments, not general
Thanks ever so much for writing it. I work in a library and intend to
recommend your book to everyone. Even if they’ve only come in to
use the photocopier.”
A Latter –

“Unlike many Americanstyle self-help books, it doesn’t promise miracles, just an eminently sensible way to make order out of chaos and make life enjoyable again.”
S Capes –

“This is a great book. It contains helpful methods to make you live a happier and more fulfilling life. It doesn’t steam roller on to the end leaving those behind that maybe haven’t achieved a goal or stage of the process. Peter dusts you down in a non-judgemental fashion and then continues his journey with you.”
dk –

“I love this book! The advice is genuine and sincere and really rings true.
J Benford –

“This book is great, just so simple and fuss free…I’ve read the whole thing in a day! and tomorrow I’ll be ready to start implementing all the things that Peter suggests in this book!
Feeling happier already! A great book!”
Jas –

“This is an easy read down to earth and at times humorous guide to thinking about what really matters in your life and how to go about achieving it. All right so after reading it, I still can’t afford to leave my stressful job but at least I now have the tools in place to start working towards the day I can.”
Lisa Main –

“Like other reviewer I really can’t remember why I downloaded this book but it was the best thing I’ve done in a very long time. Others have explained the book, I just want to say that if you want to enjoy your life more but have no idea where to start buy this book NOW.
Download a sample and you won’t look back. No matter how busy or
stressed you are he makes you find a few minutes in your life each
week to focus on YOU and gradually you come to realise how
important YOU are. He writes in a witty and comforting style that
makes you chuckle and you will enjoy the journey – I have
recommended this book to several people who have also had their
lives enhanced by it – thank you Peter.”
AngelaE –

“I’m a bit of a self help book junkie, but this book doesn’t feel like the norm.
Friendly, funny and down to earth, it’s made me more passionate
about my goals, and given me hope that I WILL actually achieve them lol. Highly recommended :o)”
Vikki T –

“This is life change for the masses and is an easy route to follow. It is like doing painting by numbers rather than apprenticing under Rembrandt.”
Stephen Green –

“Unlike many self-help books out there, Peter Jones goes beyond telling you what you already know and actually includes – wait for it – original ideas!”
Ms K Carlisle –

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