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ELSS-drop-shadow-colourHow to Eat Loads and Stay Slim

How To Eat Loads and Stay Slim isn’t a diet book. Not in the traditional sense. It’s a book packed full of thought provoking, scientifically-provable, ideas and changes you can make to your life to increase your chances of being slim.
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How to Start Dating and Stop Waiting

If you’ve ever found dating a challenge, if you’ve found dating websites to be less than fulfilling, if the thought of a ‘first date’ terrifies you… How To Start Dating And Stop Waiting might just be for you.
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 FITI kindle

From Invisible To Irresistible

Through a series of twelve anecdotes Peter Jones highlights (and fixes) those underlying problems, that make otherwise attractive charming people seemingly invisible to those they’d like to date.
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HowToTakeControl-drop-shadowHow to Do Everything and Be Happy

‘How To Do Everything and Be Happy’ is a book for ordinary people. With ordinary lives. It’s for people who have been ambling along and wondering why they’re not – well – just that little bit happier.
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If you’ve enjoyed my self-help books you might just enjoy my fiction!

That’s right, I’m a novelist! If you enjoy a light, fun read, in the style of Nick Horny or Mike Gayle, these could well be right up your street. Click any cover to find these books on amazon, or find out more over on