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The US paperback:US cover with drop shadow

The (second edition) US paperback, with it’s funky yellow cover, is available in all good bricks & mortar bookstores.

Ask your favourite book store to order it (ISBN 978-0007518135)

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The UK paperback:cover with drop shadow

The (second edition) paperback with it’s funky new smiley-face sky-blue cover is available in all good UK bricks & mortar bookstores.

Ask your favourite book store to order it in if you can’t find it on the shelf. (ISBN: 978-0007501939)

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The (second edition) ebook (with it’s funky smiley-face sky-blue cover) is available from all good e-book retailers. Here’s a selection:

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available on audioThe audio book:

The unabridged audio book (second edition), read by myself, is available from audible ( | .com), an amazon company and the internet’s largest supplier of spoken word entertainment.

We’ve teamed up with to give you the chance to get a free copy of the audiobook. Just use this link, follow the instructions and search for  ‘How To Do Everything and Be Happy’ (or any other book that you fancy)

Signed copies:

If you’d like to buy a signed copy you can do that here.

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Elsewhere in the World

The paperback is also available from selected Australian outlets &  online booksellers as well as India too!

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Let me know and I’ll add a link to this list.

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