How to Do Everything and Be Happy: Citations and Links


The facebook page

This book has a page on facebook where I post a daily musing and fans of the book comment on it. All good fun. You’ll find it at (you probably could have guessed that).

If you’re more of a twitterer I tweet under the handle @doitallbehappy. The odd re-tweet would be most appreciated. You can follow me here:

The selective attention video

The ‘selective attention test’ mentioned in the section on focus is below. Press the play icon in the middle of the image, and concentrate carefully on the number of times the players in white pass the ball to each other.

You can find out more about this video, and the science behind it at here.

Webshots is a great piece of software that changes your PC’s wallpaper automatically. You can download it for free from

Photobox is a great website that allows you to create all manner of items from your digital photos. is pretty good too. Other sites exist – post your favourites in the comments below.

My other website

You can find out more about me, my books, speaking engagements & workshops, at my other website –


How To Eat Loads and Stay Slim

Co-written with the fabulously slender Della Galton. Find out more here

Folks mentioned in the acknowledgements

Jules my assistant and the Balloon Baboon, Author Wendy Steele, Alison the Proof Fairy. Author Keris Stainton. Katja & all from Audible ( | .com), and Adam & team from Rushforth media, Harper Collins, and Becky Bagnell.

Missing Something?

If you think I’ve missed a link then drop me a line and I’ll update this page