About the Book

From Invisible to Irresistible is the shorter, quirkier, but none-the-less completely gorgeous companion guide to How To Start Dating And Stop Waiting.FITI kindle

Through a series of twelve anecdotes Peter Jones highlights (and fixes) those underlying problems, that make otherwise attractive charming people invisible to those they’d like to date.

Chapters include:

Changing Your Mind

How you can think yourself more attractive, and why a little back-to-front logic might work wonders.

Changing Your Image

Why it might be a good idea to cut off your hair (or grow it back), how to shed pounds without spending a fortune, and why hiring a professional image consultant could be a waste of money.

Changing Your Environment

Why sitting at home in front of the TV isn’t a dating strategy, why some of your friends are holding you back, and why it’s vitally important to have the right sofa.