54 reasons to forget about your #NewYear #Diet and try something that might work

stuff your face


Ah, January 1st; a clean slate, a fresh start, a new diet.

What? Wait! Stop right there! Put down that rice cake and pay attention! It doesn’t have to be this way.

Not that long ago I too used to stand in front of the mirror, and wonder where on earth the skinny figure of my twenties went to. Of all the goals I’ve set myself over the years, shedding those extra pounds was one of the toughest.

Like most people I started with what seemed like obvious solutions (broadly summarised by ‘eating less’ and ‘moving more’) – but when those things didn’t work for me I threw my heart-rate monitor in the bin and went in search of something that might. And after much trial and error, I cracked it.

Now I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but I’ve definitely learnt a thing or two about how the body manages weight – stuff that works! Stuff that I’d very much like to pass on to you. Which is why Della Galton and I wrote How To Eat Loads And Stay Slim.

Whilst other books concentrate on huge lifestyle and dietary changes (eat all fats, eat all carbs, eat only new foods, eat rocks, don’t eat…), How To Eat Loads And Stay Slim shows you how you can achieve the same results – permanently – simply by adopting a few new ideas, and by making a series of small painless tweaks to your current eating habits.

It’s  a mixture of hard science (eg. how hunger really works), quick ‘cheats’ (eg. how to make zero fat chips), psychological techniques (eg. why focusing on your food as you eat is really important), ingenious strategies (eg. how to cut down on sugar without going cold turkey), and easy peasy recipes (eg. my ‘roast potato & egg smashup breakfast’ or Della’s ‘apple ginger clafouti’) – all served up in an easy-to-digest, humourous read from authors who’ve been where you are now.

If you’ve read How To Do Everything and Be Happy, the format will be familiar to you. Several broad chapters, broken into smaller sections, each of which result in an Action Point. Each thought provoking, scientifically-provable, action point also has a STAR RATING. There are fifty four stars available. You get one just for buying the book! As you try each idea you’ll steadily increase your chances of being able to eat loads AND stay slim. Collect enough stars (thirty or more would be a good target to have) and we personally guarantee that a slim figure, coupled with a healthy but satiated appetite, are yours for the taking. No dieting required.

How To Eat Loads And Stay Slim is available right now in paperback, audio, and as a kindle ebook. In fact, from the Friday 2nd til the 8th of January 2015 the ebook is a mere 99p (or local equivalent). You’d spend more than that on a packet of those rice cakes, but this might actually work.

You can read the opening chapter here, or how about we read it for you? Just click the big play button in the video link below to listen to the opening chapters. Or listen to what Steve Wright (from BBC Radio 2) thought about the book here.

If you enjoyed listening to us you can download the entire book from audible (.co.uk | .com)  – an amazon company and the internet’s largest supplier of spoken word entertainment.

If you’re new to audible, and in the UK, you can get it for free. Just use this link, follow the instructions and search for  ’How To Eat Loads And Stay Slim’.

 If you’re reading this in an email or can’t see the video link  just click here

2 thoughts on “54 reasons to forget about your #NewYear #Diet and try something that might work

    1. Hello Virginia!

      Della’s a big fan of ‘fat free’, I’m completely the opposite – fats are where the flavour is! But HOW TO EAT LOADS AND STAY SLIM isn’t really a diet book, and it doesn’t subscribe to any one ‘weight loss’ methodology.

      It’s a collection of small, easy-to-implement ideas. You pick the ones that work for you, and together, those tiny-but-permanent changes add up to a new slimmer you. Forever. Now doesn’t that sound better than yet another teeny-tiny, low-fat, flavourless meal?



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