How to achieve your GOALS (what other self-help books fail to tell you)

slide 8 - walletMany, many self-help books bang on about the importance of identifying and setting Goals… but rather surprisingly, very few seem to tell you what to do next. The authors seem to assume that the
average person, caught up in all the excitement of determining how they’d like their life to be, will crack right on with turning those goals into reality. In my experience that’s not what happens.

Most people will take those goals, stuff them in a drawer (real, virtual or symbolic) and never look at them again.

Which is why I spend quite a lot of time in How To Do Everything And Be Happy helping the reader put systems in place to make sure that some goal related activity takes place.

One of these systems is GOALS Day – a day, perhaps once or twice a month – when you will work on one of your three goals.

But what happens if your GOAL is quite ambitious? What if your plans for world domination might require more than 24 days this year? Funny. That’s pretty much what reader Shiva was wondering a while back. Here’s a copy of the message he sent me recently via facebook.

Greetings Peter – I have a question on the Goal Day. One of my goals (to be fluent in German by Dec. 2015) requires much more time than 1 or 2 days per month. Can a Goal Day be, say for instance, 15 hours spread over a week? Or does it really need to be taking place on regular slots?

Thank you for your support, Shiva

Hi Shiva! What a great question, and I think I know exactly what you mean.

Over the past couple of years I’ve had a number of goals to finish the various books I’ve written – but if I’d only worked on those books on a GOALS day I wouldn’t have gotten very far. Instead I scheduled in WRITING days, and then used my monthly GOALS day(s) as a bonus to work on whichever of my three goals seemed to be the most neglected.

But the real answer to your question is ‘it’s up to you’. You might want to do as I did. Or you might want to use your GOALS day as more of a planning day to coordinate your goal related activity. Or you might want to schedule in more GOALS days (say one a week) if that’s possible. Whatever makes sense for you.

The real point is to make time to work on making your goals a reality.

Pop back this time next week for more GOAL related tips and hints

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