Food swaps – identifying healthier, less fattening alternatives

We talk about swapping & substitutes a fair bit in How To Eat Loads and Stay Slim. It’s the concept of identifying foods that could easily, and painlessly, be swapped for healthier, less fattening alternatives – at least some of the time.

Some of the suggestions mentioned in the book are:

  • chips for Della’s fat-free, guilt-free chips popadums 006
  • chips for jacket spuds
  • beef mince for extra-lean mince
  • béchamel sauce for fat free fromage frais, or quark
  • full fat cheese for half fat cheese
  • pints of beer for bottles of beer
  • beer for wine
  • all manner of other alcoholic beverages for equally alcoholic but less horrific, less calorific alternatives
  • Sugar for less sugar (with the cunning use of measuring spoons)
  • Crisps for popadums
  • Shop bought burgers for shop bought veggie burger
  • Snack foods for healthier and shockingly tasty alternatives

Swapping isn’t a new concept at all, but it’s such a simple, easy idea that it’s often overlooked and forgotten about. Share your food swap ideas in the comments below.

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