And now available in paperback…


Peter says…

I’m delighted to announce that as promised the paperback edition of How To Eat Loads And Stay Slim is now available from amazon – or from your favourite bookstore (get them to order it in; ISBN: 978-1490318844).

The paperback has a number of advantages over it’s ebook and audio cousins. Here’s just a few…

  1. Unlike the audio and ebook, you can’t ‘switch it off’. It sits there as a constant reminder of the promise you made yourself on the first action point, and the smart-eating principals within.
  2. You can write in it! Which means you can jot down notes as you go along, check off the action points you’ve done, and on page 180 put a ‘tick’ next to the stars you’ve earned.
  3. You can spill food and drink on it and it still works (useful if you’re propping it up on the kitchen worktop whilst trying out a recipe).
  4. It’s sand proof (good for the beach).
  5. And bath proof. Sort of.
  6. You can use it to temporarily prop up wonky table legs in restaurants.
  7. And once you’re gorgeously slender and no longer need it you can sell it, give it to your friends, or donate it to charity – all without a lot of technical messing about or worrying about ‘DRM’ (digital rights management – like you wanted to know that)


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