Recipe: Fat Free Jellies with Fruit and Yoghurt

Della says…

Fat Free Jellies with Fruit and Yoghurt – serves four

These are rather lovely for a summer afternoon dessert – or for any other time of year come to that.

Fruit jelly sundaes n fruit jelly


400 g Strawberries (fresh cherries work really well too – de-stone them first)

200 g Blueberries

2 fat free strawberry yoghurts (or cherry if using fresh cherries) I use Muller light or M&S Count on Us range

1 sugar free strawberry jelly – made up as per instructions

To serve – four knickerbocker glory dishes.


Prepare fruit.  Hull and chop strawberries. (reserve four for decoration). Place in bottom quarter of knickerbocker glory dishes.

Make up jelly as per instructions. Pour jelly mix over fruit to cover.

Layer remaining fruit with yoghurt.

Then top up with remaining jelly mix.

Refrigerate till set – about 1 and a half hours.

Garnish with remaining strawberries.


Enjoy!  The beauty of these is that they are fat free – so if you don’t happen to have any guests coming round, you can have more than one – and it’s not often you can have more than one dessert and not feel guilty! Oh and by the way, the little glass dish in the picture is leftover fruit and jelly – just in case you want to eat even more guilt free dessert!

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