The Trophy Board 2012


If my Trophy Board is anything to go by, last year, 2012, was the busiest I’ve ever had.

Whilst I was bashing out the occasional blog post – many of which either apologised for a general lack of blog related activity, or for failing to tick off anything on my Now List – my Trophy Board silently clung to the wall as a testimony to just how much was actually  going on in my life. And much of it, if I may be allowed to say so, was absolutely fabulous!!

By October I’d run out of space and was pinning new stuff on top of old stuff. Quite an achievement as I’m using an A2 board  (that’s approximately 3ft x 2ft). When it came time to emptying the board and consigning the contents to the attic, I discovered that my papery mementos wouldn’t fit in one A3 padded envelope . At this rate I’m going to need a bigger attic.

If you’re a fan on facebook then you’ll know that I uploaded a picture of my board every month. I wasn’t going to bother this year but the comments have been so positive I decided what the hell – I will if you will! I’ve created a gallery for Reader’s Trophy Boards.  Tag me (or the page) in your photos or send me your pictures via facebook messaging (there’s an ‘add files’ option just under the box where you write your message).

Meanwhile, here’s how the 2012 progressed

(If you’re reading this post in an email, click here to visit facebook to view the trophy board photos)

You can find out how my 2013 board is progressing here.

Read about what got pinned to my 2011 board here

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