You’re hereby invited to a party…

Hard though it is to believe, this man is suffering from Man Flu.480573_10151576956117627_2083661171_n

For those of you who don’t know Man Flu is a particularly vicious version of the common cold that only men can get. It’s theoretically lethal to women, but fortunately mother nature seems to have made them immune. Which is a good job. Because who else would look after us men folk?

Anyway, if this man is suffering why then has he got a big stupid smile all over his face? Because he’s holding the latest paperback edition of How To Do Everything and be Happy which rolled off of presses last week. Somewhere there’s a warehouse full of smiley books just waiting to be shipped to bookshops up and down the country in January once the X Factor and Jamie Oliver have budged over a bit and made some shelf room.

Fortunately for those of us who aren’t overly keen on leaving the house or going into actual shops, you can reserve your copy on amazon  and have them send it to you as soon as it’s officially available (January 17th).

bookshopNeedless to say, despite my weakened condition I’m pleased as punch, and for the first time in my short writing career I suddenly feel the need to celebrate with all those people who helped me get to this point. In other words, YOU. I was thinking sometime after all the media hype has died down a bit. How does the afternoon of the 10th of February sound? From 1pm. Here in sunny Southend on Sea, at Waterstones Bookshop. Put that in your diary. You do have a diary, don’t you?

There’s no need to feel compelled to buy a new copy of the book if you’re an existing reader – I’ll sign whatever copy you have – but most of all I’d like to shake you firmly by the hand and thank you for your support.

Obviously feel free to just ‘rock up’ if you find yourself walking past the store that Sunday afternoon – though it would be mildly useful to get a feel for the number of people likely to show. You know, just so that I have enough packets of twiglets and bottles of fizz. Use the comments below or click here to let me know on facebook. Oh, and bring your friends. And maybe some man-flu tissues. Although I should have made a full recovery by then.

Waterstones Southend is opposite Marks & Spencers at 49-51 High Street, SS1 1HZ. Map below.

The audio and ebook versions of the book are available right now, both here in the UK and in the US. Click here and follow the links to the version of your choice.

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