Bills And Book Deals; WTFHIBD Episode 2

So, last month (ish) I confessed that my Now List has taken a temporary back seat whilst I pursue my primary goal, which is:

“I am supporting myself
doing the things I love & enjoy,
and no longer worry about bills.”HowToTakeControl-drop-shadow
December 2012

You might remember that this goal reflects my long-term ambition to change my career, and earn a steady wage from something I can feel proud about. Well I’m delighted to tell you that in the last month I’ve taken quite a significant step forward to achieving it (and when I say “quite”…)

On August 31st I officially signed a deal with publishers Harper Collins to relaunch the book that got me here in the first place. Essentially How To Do Everything and Be Happy has broken into the mainstream.

What does this actually mean?

Well firstly the book has a brand new funky cover. (Hello Sue Capes – you may now run around the house screaming. By the way, there are loads more reader quotes inside the book so if you were kind enough to give me permission to use your quote, you’ve probably got a mention.)

Secondly, the e-book should be available EVERYWHERE, for every e-reader on the planet, from all good e-book retailers. I don’t want to hear any more of that “I don’t have a kindle” nonsense… if you have a kobo, a sony e-reader, a nook, any kind of smart phone or tablet, you can get the book. Check out the Buy The Book page.

Thirdly, it’s still only £1.99 (or your local equivalent).

And last, but by no means least, a brand new paperback version – with all the lovely second-edition extras & goodies – will be on shelves, in bricks and mortar book stores, on the 17th of January 2013 though you can pre-order it now from your favourite online retailers (amazonother options). Be prepared for half a zillion pictures of me in bookstores up and down the country on the facebook page in the New Year.

To celebrate the re-launch of the paperback I’m planning on having a book-launch thingamy. I’m not a huge fan of book launches, or indeed any social gatherings (you seem surprised?), but even I’ve got admit that this can’t go by without something to mark the occasion. And so long as I’m left in charge of organising it please consider yourself (and a friend) invited, because I could never have got this far without you!

So does this mean I’ve achieved my goal?? Am I no longer worrying about bills? Pfff! Not quite. But I’m a good deal closer, and I’m still working on it – but to find out what else I have up my sleeve you’ll have to check back for next months WTFHIBD.

The official announcement in The Bookseller

12 thoughts on “Bills And Book Deals; WTFHIBD Episode 2

  1. I can’t say how delighted I am about all this and about how successful your book has become. Yes I would’ve thunk it!!! You are such a lovely guy and you deserve all this success! May it multiply and make you a fortune!
    Good luck best wishes from my heart.
    Jan x


    1. Oddly enough Ian, what with the trend to turn self-help books into movies and plays you’re not the first person to suggest this might be a possibility. And if you played me I’d probably sell a few more copies 😉


  2. Well done Bro. Liked the old cover better (take note Harper Collins) but hey, you’re mainstream now dude!!!

    Does this mean now I have to reject you as “so mainstream” and look for a more underground and less well known brother? 😉


  3. Great to hear your news, Peter. Haven’t checked in with your website for a while. Have fallen off your wholesome wagon of life improvement recently, but intend to get back on. In fact after I’ve written this I’m going to book a Boxing Day. Looking forward to buying your book in its new paperback format, because some books transcend the Kindle…you can’t flick through the Kindle version, can you? Anyway, congratulations to you, your book is very special and this success is so well deserved!


    1. Hi Sarah. Nice to hear from you.
      It’s really easy to fall back into the old routine – life just gets in the way sometimes.
      But good idea booking a Boxing Day – why not book a few Goals Days in there too?
      Here’s a few other things you could do:
      * use the subscribe box in the top right hand corner and you’ll get blog posts into your email box when they come available
      * LIKE the facebook page so you get a daily nudge from me
      * pre-order the new paperback today because amazon have it on discount. It’s only £5.99!!


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