My Now List

Last week I brought you up to date with what I’ve been spending my time and energy on. You’ll remember that I came clean and told you that my Now List has been pretty much untouched for many months. In fact, it wasn’t until reader Maria emailed me earlier in the week (asking me where she could find my now list) that I realised the last time I updated it was a almost a year ago. Shame on me. So, with apologies for the lack of punctuation and spelling here’s how my Now List – as of August 2012 – looks…

The Top Five!

  • Cornwall (booked for this September)
    • Visit the Minack Theatre (August – September)
    • St michael’s mount
    • Fowey
  • See ‘The Woman in Black’ – sit near the stage
  • Charmouth beach in Dorset (done some research, just need to find time)
  • Drive a tractor
  • Bridgenorth – looks like a nice place

Time Sensitive

  • Estuary Boat trip – see my house from the Thames (found a company that does it, but trips don’t run all year)
  • Proper narrow boat holiday through the countryside of Birmingham


  • Master the following recipes
    • Dad’s Broccoli and Ham bake
    • Angela’s Ginger Cake
    • Chocolate Brownies
  • Go to a place that serves a different wine per course
  • Eat deep fried crickets or some other food from the night time food market in Beijing (best do this quick, before I turn veggie!!)


  • Get to visit The Wilton (old war boat near to where I live. Not open to the public)
  • Get close to dolphins
  • And seals
  • And otters
  • bootle feed baby tigers
  • Go inside a lighthouse (I think I’ve found a lighthouse)
  • Enjoy the experience of living in warmer climate
  • Thai chi
  • Get friends round and play cranium
  • See the four-act version of The Importance Of Being Earnest
  • Visit the Houses of Parliment
  • Learn to Scuba
  • Go to the theatre and sit in a ‘box’ with a select group of friends
  • Learn to speak French
  • Learn to fence
  • Do a live cover of the Flight of The Conchordes song, Business Time (video below – visit the blog if you can’t see this in your email)

Someday, maybe

  • get myself on Saturday Kitchen as a featured guest (guess I need to sell a few more copies of the book first)
  • Dinner with Imogen Heap.
  • Work with Steven Moffet.
  • And Richard Curtis

Holidays / Places to visit

  • Enjoy the romance of Rome (previous trips lacked this essential ingredient)
  • Go back to Sorrento
  • Visit Portmeirion, north Wales
  • Visit Hong Kong
  • Go round the world (in a westerly direction)
  • Visit oregan
  • Visit the cook islands (and stay for a long, long time)
  • Visit the remote parts of france.
  • Skiathos – stay in a cottage somewhere inland? Away from the beaches. Hire a moped to get around.
  • Visit Jersey
  • Visit “Taiyou no tou” (it means “Tower(Statue) of Sun”). Banpaku Park, in Osaka.
  • Go to Madagascar
  • the cave temples of Ellora
  • Zion National Park
  • Saint-Paul de Vence – lovely place in france.
  • Monteverde Cloud Forest reserve, Costa Rica
  • Taktsang monestery, Paro Valley, Bhutan
  • Antuigua, lesser Antilles
  • Portofino, Liguria, Italy
  • Visit Tikal, Guatemala
  • Vieux Lyons
  • Machu Picchu
  • Dunnottar Castle –
  • Swimming with jellyfish in Micronesia  (video below – visit the blog if you can’t see this in your email)

Feel free to share your Now List in the comments section below

7 thoughts on “My Now List

  1. Bro, I’ll swim with you and the jellyfish. You can do that here in Aus too. The only problem is the little buggers sting the crap out of you and you can die, which is something of a downside.


  2. Ok, you keep asking for it, here you go. On you’re own head be it.

    Vist the Ice Hotel in Norway, that was I get to see the Northern lights and have a proper snow holiday.

    Go to the Florence Nightingale and St.Thomas Hospital museums.

    Visit the Giants Causeway. Both ends.

    See the Grand Canyon.

    Meet Elbow. Inspire a song for Guy Garvey.

    Have a go on the white water rafting at Lee Valley before it closes. Oh, by the end of this month then!

    Go and watch a TV show being made. Don’t thing it matter which one.

    Sleep in a hammock overnight somewhere really warm and safe.

    Have a hot air balloon ride. Balloon Jesus can come to.

    Visit Morocco.

    Can I come with you on the narrow boat holiday? I don’t take up much space and I know how the locks work?

    There. Now you know 🙂


  3. It so happens that today is my day for working on my Now List, which today I decided to rename my Happiness List.
    I read your book some months ago and duly put lots of dates into my diary. I have dabbled so far but this last couple of weeks I have remotivated myself finally. Todays post spurred me into even more action and so I have set up my very own blog to log all of my lists (I have them categorised) and to chart my progress. I figured that if I did that then I would make sure that I keep them up. The other thing that I have realised is that I have done lots of very nice things in my life so I decided to list them as achievements.
    Thanks for the inspirations. You can see my lists here if you like.


  4. Surely Bejing has more than one street food market? If you ever leave the UK then you can actually eat bugs in a number of locations around the world. Thailand and Cambodia have some good ones (spiders anyone?), and in Hong Kong you can eat giant insects cooked in sticks right there on the street. (They’re not bad. Just tasteless and crunchy, but full of protien I’m told.)

    I like your now list but can there be a page especially for the now list? And how about a sub page to that telling us which ones you’ve done?


    1. From what I can tell the Bejing Street Market is huge, takes in lots of streets, and is quite famous. But I might be completely wrong.

      Good idea on the website update proposals, though I’ve been thinking of making more use of my account (it does exactly what you’ve just described). Hmmmm.


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