Where the blinkin’ heck is the 2nd Edition!??!

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Blimey O’Reily its been a long long LONG time coming, but I’m pleased (and somewhat relieved) to announce that fifteen months and 10,000 sales after its initial release,  the long awaited Second edition of How To Do Everything and Be Happy will be officially available (in two formats)…

This Friday 
(8th of June, 2012 )

Put that date in your diary!
(You do have a diary, don’t you?)

New Stuff

So, you might be asking, what’s in the Second Edition, that wasn’t in the first?

Well for starters I’ve used the opportunity to sprinkle some reader feedback throughout the book. If you’ve emailed at some point in the past few months, or left a comment on this blog, you might have a mention in the new edition!

Much of the feedback I’ve received enabled me to completely revise and update the ‘Potential Boxing Day Problems‘ section – there are now zero excuses for not having a successful Boxing Day!

I’ve also added four completely new sections, they are…

  • Advanced Boxing Day
  • Potential Now List Day Problems
  • Determining Your Next Action
  • Advanced Diary Tips

But, for me, the most exciting part of this re-launch is the fact that it’ll be available in an entirely new format!

Available in Audio!

Click here to search audible and see if the book's available!

From this Friday you’ll be able to download the second edition of the book from audible (.co.uk | .com), the internet’s largest supplier of spoken word audio entertainment, and hear the book “read by the author” (in other words, me)!

Please excuse me whilst I bounce off the walls in excitement.

The release of the audio version was actually part of a three-book deal that I signed with them earlier in the year – if you’re interested you can read more about that over on peterjonesauthor.com (my author blog).

But before you do allow me to shake you firmly by the hand…

Any Questions?

If you have any comments, questions, glowing endorsements, please feel free to drop me a line via the contact page or the comments box below.

Happy reading 🙂


2 thoughts on “Where the blinkin’ heck is the 2nd Edition!??!

  1. Hi Peter,
    Congratulations on the second edition of your wonderful book! I will be downloading one for my Kindle! Can’t wait to check out the new material. Just wondering…have you ever written anything about to-do lists? I would love to know what your approach is, whether you feel they fit in with your other lists. All the best! Sarah


    1. Hi Sarah. I’ve thought about writing a piece on my to-do list methodology a couple of times, but each time I go to do so I’m struck by the following thoughts

      1) My to-do list system is fiercely complex and very difficult to describe (for instance – my master to-do list does indeed ‘fit in’ with my other lists, it’s also managed by not one, but two, pieces of software)

      2) having evolved over many years, my ‘system’ works really really well for me, but I’m not sure whether it would work well – if at all – for other people

      3) People would probably think I was insane.

      Perhaps however, I should write a post about the to-do list software I use. I’ll give it some thought.


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