What makes us happy? It’s the simple things!

take a smileAccording to an article in the Daily Mailfinding a £10 note in an old pair of jeans came top in a study of 3,000 people and the things that make them happy. Other items in the top thirty included getting into bed with freshly washed sheets, hearing a baby laugh, and finding a bargain. Which prompted me to wonder what would be on my list. And you know me – I can’t resist an opportunity for list making.

Here then, straight off the top of my head and in no particular order, is a my list of happy-triggers – and sure enough they’re more ‘simple‘ than I would have thought.

  • chocolate
  • Great food
  • Sunny days
  • CJ behaving like a kitten
  • Growing my own food
  • Good movies
  • Good wine
  • The sound of the sea
  • Reading to someone
  • Being read to
  • Good, easy going, pub nights out with pals
  • Taking photos
  • Flap jacks
  • The Kids (my niece & nephew)
  • Early summer mornings
  • The Theatre
  • Great music
  • Audio books
  • Writing something I suspect might be pretty good  – and then finding out it is!
  • Baths
  • Being surrounded by trees
  • Animals
  • Expresso coffee
  • Italy
  • Teaching
  • Close friends
  • Creative people
  • Being warm
  • Getting loads done
  • Spices
  • A really amazing night’s sleep
  • Coming home
  • Making Lists
Would love to read your lists. Feel free to share them with the world using the comments box below.

11 thoughts on “What makes us happy? It’s the simple things!

  1. In no particular order…
    The first cup of tea in the morning
    Freshly laundered bedsheets
    My mums roast dinners
    The smell of freshly cut grass
    A large glass of wine
    A good book
    My friends
    Getting proper mail such as a hand-written card or a parcel
    Cadbury’s mini eggs
    Romantic comedies
    Cooking for friends
    Packing my suitcase
    Hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows
    A walk along a beach whatever the weather

    Just thinking about all these things made me happy! 🙂


  2. My sense of happiness felt from making lists can’t resist this 😉
    Cooking for fun
    My cat, Diego
    Making my mum smile
    Completing a run (I’m a beginner)
    Playing with my baby nephew
    Finding the perfect present for someone
    Reading in the bath
    Not being able to put a book down because you just have to know what happens
    Watching a film in the cinema where there are no other distractions
    A good cup of tea
    Waking up after sleeping well for a change
    Spending time with good friends
    Singing (badly and loudly)to my favourite music when alone in the car
    Having ideas
    Looking at photos of good times
    When my husband, who is Brazilian, says something typically English like “it’s not my cup of tea”
    Finding something I thought I’d lost
    A good proper hug
    Realising, after making a list, how many things do actually make you feel happy….


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