Christmas with a Kobo?


the koboWith the festive season just around the corner you might be interested to know that a serious contender to the Amazon Kindle has entered the market. WHSmiths are now selling the Kobo.

From what I understand the Kobo is a Canadian piece of kit, and for the longest time you couldn’t buy it in the UK. But now you can, and any books you fancy the look of at the WHSmith online bookstore can be downloaded onto it directly.

What’s more, just like the Kindle, you don’t actually need a Kobo device to read Kobo-books. You can download the FREE Kobo app for virtually any smartphone or computing device and access your Kobo library that way.

I don’t mind admitting that when I found out about the Kobo I panicked – just a little. I wasn’t 100% sure whether How To Do Everything and Be Happy was available to Kobonians, in Kobonia, which meant there would be people out there for who Boxing Day would only ever be something that happens once a year. Those same people might be walking around making lists of things they might do before they ‘kick the bucket’ (rather than NOW). And let’s not even get into the absence of proper Wish List / Goal Planning activities – that, quite frankly, just didn’t bear thinking about. But I needn’t have worried. Enter ‘Manty67’ and her blog ‘Life and Other Things’ at

Manty is – so far as I know – my first Kobo reader. And judging by her blog she thoroughly enjoyed my book. She even describes herself as a follower.

I have followers.

It’s a fun blog. I particularly like Manty’s Trophy Board, and the amusing piece about her first Boxing Day. Hope the next one goes better, Manty.

But I digress.

The important point here is that – YES, How To Do Everything and Be Happy is available for the Kobo, whether you live in Kobonia or anywhere else. Right now.
And you can download it here.


7 thoughts on “Christmas with a Kobo?

  1. Hi Peter,

    I am a recent “Kobonian” having purchased a Kobo Touch from WH Smith last weekend – and yes I have already downloaded your book onto it (even though I had already purchased it from iBooks on my iPad.

    The great thing about the Kobo touch is that it has a touch screen – so you swipe to turn the pages rather than pressing buttons and can enter text etc. to search on an onscreen keyboard (rather than navigating using a cursor).

    I converted my better half at the same time – an avid reader who hated the thought of moving on from “paper” – but is now in love with her white with silver “quilt” back Kobo Touch.

    At £109 it is more expensive than the recent Kindle offering – but well worth the £20 extra for the touch screen – and Kobo have a number of extras which encourage reading (such as reading rewards).

    I am very impressed with how Kobo are promoting reading through their “Read On” campaign – and equally impressed with the fact that if you own a book through Kobo you can read it on the Kobo reader itself – or through a free app on your PC, iPad, iPhone, Android phone or ALL of those devices!

    The Kobo library is vast – with over 2.2 million books – 1 million free books.

    P.S. I am not employed by Kobo, WHSmith – nor am I receiving commission – just a very pleased Kobo owner and gadget geek!


    1. Hey Alan

      Thanks for that review. I think that probably makes you my second Kobo reader. And thanks for purchasing the book not just once but twice!! That’s real dedication.

      I’d love to add you and your other half to my rogues gallery. Send us a pic of you reading the book on your Kobo and I’ll throw a couple of badges in the post for you.

      Happy reading
      Peter 🙂


    2. Hi, I was interested to read your comments on the Kobo. I’m trying to find out if you can download Kindle books on to it. it also says on the site that you need a Kobo contract. Could you tell me what that involves?
      Sorry if these are daft questions, but I find the e reader thing very confusing!


  2. Hi Linda,

    To answer your queries:-

    – No you can’t download Kindle books onto a Kobo (if they have been purchased on the Amazon/Kindle website/store). However, if the books are in a standard ebook format or PDF they may be laoded onto a Kobo. The easiest place to obtain ebooks for a kobo is from the kobo store at their website – which you can checkout without purchasing an e-reader. Basically Kindle purchases can only be viewed on a Kindle, iBooks purchases can only be viewed on a device that supports the iBooks app (i.e. an Apple device!)

    – A Kobo contract – is not as daunting as it may sound – it’s a simple process of registering your email address and setting up a password – and if you later make purchases from the kobo store you would need to log your address and credit or debit card details – but it is not a contract in any way that obliges you to make payments / purchases that you don’t want to.

    My partner is generally not a big fan of technology and an avid reader of the paper based “book” historically, but she is finding the use of the kobo a real pleasure so far – and sings its praises!


  3. Interestingly ….. Kobo is now being sold by Asda – and this has brought down the price significantly. The kobo basic version is around £69 and the kobo touch has reduced to £99 at WHSmiths. John Lewis are also selling kobo in the uk.

    Competition for Kindle at last? I’m enjoying my kobo touch, and reading more as a result of it.

    I added “read all the Terry Pratchett Discworld books” to my wish list ….. A daunting prospect with 39 books in the series, and although I have always had an interest in them I never read any – but thanks to my kobo I am already up to no. 4 (Mort) and enjoying them immensely!


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