The Therapy Life Centre – Karen’s Story

If you turn to the back of the book, amongst the acknowledgements, you’ll find a small list of people who I describe as my “first readers”. These are the crack team of operatives (friends) who agreed to read my first draft and give me their brutally honest opinions so that I could hone it into the finely tuned masterpiece that I’m assuming you’ve read. Several times. One of those first readers was Karen.

Karen Revivo is my physio-therapist. Has been for many, many years. Long enough for us to become very good friends. So it was a no-brainer to include her amongst my first readers, and I wasn’t surprised in the slightest when she handed back my manuscript – absolutely covered in comments – just a week or two after I’d given it to her. I was however totally blown away by what happened afterwards.

“Peter Jones,” she said, “what have you started!?”

You’ll remember that one of the things I encourage readers to do is think about what they want (be that a slice of cheese cake, a new bathroom or fired out of a cannon into an enourmous tub of chocolate flavoured yoghurt), and compile those wants into a list. Whilst I never saw Karen’s list apparently the number one item was: “open my own centre” – which was short hand for, “find a medium sized building capable of accommodating up to a dozen or so different therapists with complimentary skills, and a room large enough to play host to yoga & pilates classes, presentations and lectures – and open a Therapy Centre!”

A year later she’s done exactly that. Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you – just a few doors along from the Southend General Hospital – the Therapy Life Centre.

You can find out more from the Centre’s website, or on facebook.

Well done Karen – and all the best with your new venture.

Southend Today’s coverage of the Therapy Life Centre

2 thoughts on “The Therapy Life Centre – Karen’s Story

  1. Well done Karen indeed.

    You know, self-help authors are usually seen as pearly teethed Americans with flash suits and meticulous hair. You said something similar yourself I think in your book, or maybe to me. But I’ve discovered that our American friends didn’t invent self-help. In fact, I’ve learned that you, as a Brit, are in good company when it comes to self help authors as the father of the genre is generally considered to be a Brit. Samuel Smiles is his name, and as self help practitioners go, I think Mr Smiles is a pretty good name.


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