The need for speed

safari_mainAt the weekend I got to tick another item off my the now list – Quad Biking! I think it’s fair to say that in my head I had this image of thundering through the British Countryside on a massively powerful four-wheeled machine, the wind in my hair, the smell of farmland, scorched jeans, and sizzling leg hair in my nostrils. As there were two places available I dragged along me ol’ pal Rob. Never one to miss an opportunity to set me straight, he warned me that the reality might be a little different. The word ‘sedate’ may have been used. Possibly even the word ‘boring’. The truth is though, I’ve never been a big fan of fast moving vehicles or any activity that has the possibility of being my last. Whilst Rob can’t wait to hurtle round in circles on an engine that sounds like it might explode under him at any moment – I’m quite happy to take my ‘speed’ on the ‘sedate’ and ‘boring’ side, if I can have it mixed with something a little more interesting than tyres or bails of hay to look at. To me that nudges the experience nicely into the category of ‘fun’. Which is exactly what the morning turned out to be. An hours ride, across fields and through woodland, on the back of a machine that had aspirations of growing into a tractor. Which reminds me, I still want to drive a tractor. ANYWAY, here are a few pictures from the day – if you’re reading this in your email just click the link to view them on facebook.

10 thoughts on “The need for speed

  1. I was actually expecting to be given a boiler suit. Hence no coat. When they looked at the weather and said “nah, not necessary” my first thought was to run back to the car for a jacket!


    1. Mr Glass, nice of you to cast your shadow around these parts. I did the quad biking just outside Brentwood – near the secret nuclear bunker. Quite reasonably priced. I imagine it might be more fun in Egypt.


  2. I`m not adventurous. it was music to my ears you seeing the danger in it Peter. Good to see there are people like me. I haven`t had a go at scuba diving for similar reasons. Or maybe it`s the lazy streak in me lol


    1. I know exactly how you feel Eddie – I keep meaning to add Scuba to my list BUT only if it’s somewhere tropical and to a maximum depth of five foot!


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