Free Badge! : Updated

You too can have one!

UPDATE Feb 2012 – I’m afraid I’m all out of badges folks, so if you’re one of the lucky 100 or so people who have one it’s officially a collectors item! Keep it safe! Wear with pride! You can still send me your pics (via facebook) but I haven’t anything I can send you. Other than HTDEABH pens. Fancy a pen?

So, in a moment of madness I decided to have a dozen or so How to Do Everything and Be Happy badges made up – here’s me sporting one.
See how it enhances my whole ensemble?
See how it makes me me appear more confident, more friendly, more attractive to the opposite sex?
Who wouldn’t want to own one of these superb personality-enhancing accessories?

Answer: no-one!

So, you’re asking yourself, can you get your grubby mitts on one?
Answer: Yes. Oh yes.

To own one of these limited addition badges simply post a picture of yourself holding your copy of How to Do Everything and Be Happy on our rather spiffing facebook page and I will send you a badge, for FREE!!

Doesn’t matter where in the world you are – after posting your pic just send me a message with your address (which I promise will stay between you and me) and a shiny new badge will be winging it’s way to you. I may even start a rogue’s gallery, (update: infact I did and you can see it below) with special mention for the funniest picture, and/or the reader furthest away from me (I’m near London). I may even create a map! Goodness where will it all end?

A couple of readers have asked whether they’re eligible for a free badge as they read the book on a Kindle or iPad (see Sally’s comment below) – so after a few seconds careful consideration I’ve decided YES! ABSOLUTELY! Post a pic of yourself reading the book in whatever format you have it, send me your address, and a shiny new badge will find it’s way to you in the next few days.


4 thoughts on “Free Badge! : Updated

    1. Hi Sarah. You’ve started me thinking; why should this promo be for the paperback only? Answer: No reason!! So go ahead and post a picture of you reading the kindle version on the facebook page and I’ll send you your free Badge.


  1. I should post a pic of me reading it somewhere in the Aus outback. However, I read it on rainy days in Melbourne on the trams so the outback thing would be a fix-up, plus like all those competitions from the kids mag ‘Look-in’ that we weren’t allowed to enter when we were kids because we were related to a staffer (Dad), I suspect that being your brother disqualifies me from the comp anyway.

    However, its fun to see all those people showing off your book. 🙂


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