A Chat with Dave Monk, from BBC Essex…

dave monk


Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet with Dave Monk, from BBC Essex, to chat about How To Do Everything And Be Happy.

We discuss whether it’s actually possible to do everything and be happy, the three causes of unhappiness, the secret to happiness, and what one thing you can do, today, to feel happier.

Click here to listen to the interview


3 thoughts on “A Chat with Dave Monk, from BBC Essex…

  1. Great to see the ‘promo tour’ going well there Bro. Mixing with the movers and shakers of Essex I see 😉

    I think you came across well in that interview, you have a good radio voice. Surely this means plans for an audio book at some stage? Then who knows where this goes after the print book too. Sell the movie rights now… Edward Norton could play you in the movie I think! “lol”

    The book is fully loaded onto my iPod touch now for reading through the Kindle app.


  2. Well there are a lot of people who say that PJ has a face for radio at least. Great interview. Really enjoyed it. Have my own Boxing day in t minus 7 days.Choices, choices, choices.


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