My Now List (Feb 2011)

In no particular order (and with apologies for the lack of punctuation and spelling) my Now List currently looks like this…


  • See ‘The Woman in Black’ – sit near the stage
  • Get close to monkeys
  • And dolphins
  • And seals
  • And otters
  • Take my friend DD to see Imogen Heap
  • Enjoy the experience of living in warmer climate
  • tai chi
  • get friends round and play cranium
  • try a flotation tank
  • see the four-act version of The Importance Of Being Earnest
  • own, or have access to, a boat.
  • Drive a tractor
  • Drive a quad bike
  • Estuary Boat trip – see my house from the water

Someday, maybe

  • get myself on Saturday Kitchen as a star guest
  • Dinner with imogen heap.
  • Work with steven moffet.
  • And richard curtis

Holidays / Places to visit

  • Rome again
  • Go back to Sorento
  • visit Hong Kong
  • go round the world (in a westerly direction)
  • visit oregan
  • Visit the cook islands (and stay for a long, long time)
  • Visit the remote parts of france.
  • Skiathos – stay in a cottage somewhere inland? Away from the beaches. Hire a moped to get around.
  • visit jersey
  • Proper narrow boat holiday through the countryside of Birmingham
  • visit the minack theatre (August – September)


  • make harissa paste
  • Go to a pop-up restaurant (supper club)
  • eat deep fried crickets or some other food from the night time food market in Beijing (best do this quick, before I go veggie)

Post your Now List in the comments section below

One thought on “My Now List (Feb 2011)

  1. Last year I wrote myself a list of about 20 things I wanted to achieve on my year out and I said I would be happy if I actually achieved 10. I wanted to allow flexibility as I simply didn’t know what opportunities would come my way! I’ve not done bad, these are some of the things I’ve managed to achieve;

    Visit Macchu Picchu (went volunteering with a group of VI people)

    Get the glass panels fitted in my metal staircase (This job has been waiting for 5yrs to be sorted)!

    Volunteer with animals (here in Malta & off to Greece soon) 😉

    Have some professional pictures taken (thank you)!

    Be in a magazine/newspaper (Sold a story to Take It Easy & was in a dating column in the Daily Mail).

    Finish off my cushion cover (sewing I started about 10 yrs ago)

    Buy a camera & learn the basics (managed to have an exhibition in London)

    Haven’t done so good with the learning Spanish, my excuse is that I haven’t spent a long time in a Spanish speaking country – reality is I’ve just been too lazy! But other good things have happened to me, like the Australia/Hong Kong/Singapore trip so its been a great year. Basically a full year of Boxing/Wishlist & Goals Days.


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